What good is 17 years of software development experience if you don’t share it with others? On our blog, you will find helpful articles on a wide range of topics, from Python and React Native to DevOps and Product Design.

Discover 10 tools for Agile Software Development in our article. Visit our site and find the best solution that suits your needs.
What does a solutions architect do? Or, in a broader sense, what does the Product & Technology Consulting team do, and what value do we provide to clients?
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A short guide for managers in large organizations—problems with Scrum, and actionable solutions to avoid them.
Read this guide to find out when to implement processes in a tech company, how they can help you, and how to make sure they don’t block your team.
Prepare to review your next development contract with a software vendor by learning about liability, open source licenses, and the agile exit.

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Software development velocity means work done per sprint. But how do you improve it? Read on and learn 7 best practices to increase your team velocity.
How to run a successful brainstorming session? What if the session has to be done remotely? These are the brainstorming tips for an epic session.
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