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What good is 15 years of software development experience if you don’t share it with others? On our blog, you will find helpful articles on a wide range of topics, from Python and React Native to DevOps and Product Design.

How to run a successful brainstorming session? What if the session has to be done remotely? These are the brainstorming tips for an epic session.
Software development outsourcing: risks and challenges. Read our article and find out how Agile roles can help you overcome them.

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What are some of the most common mistakes made by founders when building an MVP? Visit our site and find out how to avoid them with our guide.
What are software product discovery workshops? Why take part in them? What are the benefits? Learn the best practices, ask the right questions, and start your product discovery process the right way.
Who are they? What do they do? Why and when do you need them on your software development team? All your questions answered.

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If you’re nervous about working with an outsourced development team, consider this article your yoga session. We’ll take a deep breath, then go over all the steps you can take to help you rest easy that your team is working well.
All you need to know about the potential problems in your software development contract. Click and learn more.