What good is 15 years of software development experience if you don’t share it with others? On our blog, you will find helpful articles on a wide range of topics, from Python and React Native to DevOps and Product Design.

Discover the definitions of IT terminology and learn about IT maturity levels to build reliable and mature IT operations for your digital business.
Python 2 will lose support on January 1, 2020. Read our guide on how to migrate your app from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6.

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Learn how to use Amazon S3 to host a simple static website in 4 easy steps and boost your business with DevOps. A client of ours did it, to great results!
What is DevOps and how does it accelerate software projects?
All you need to know about the potential problems in your software development contract. Click and learn more.

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Product Owners improve your software development project. Read on to learn the 5 reasons why you should have a PO on your team.
Learn about the responsibilities of a Product Owner, and how they change as the PO gains seniority.