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What is polyglot programming? Learn about its benefits to decide if you want to master multiple coding languages and become a polyglot programmer yourself!
Make Prettier work with ESLint and Husky to protect the code of your project against accidental errors by using proper code analysis and formatting tools.
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What are JavaScript web frameworks, how do they help, and how to choose them? Gain a fundamental understanding of JS frameworks and make better decisions.
Python vs. JavaScript is not a competition—it’s about knowing when and how to use programming languages to get the best results and return on investment.
Visit our site to read the case study about a fishing industry software project for a major sports retailer.

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This article explains how to build RESTful APIs, compares RESTful to GraphQL, and provides the right mindset for building APIs in general.
What’s the difference between JavaScript and TypeScript? Which is better? How to migrate from one to the other? Learn all about the benefits of TypeScript!
A full guide to the benefits and risks of cross-platform mobile development, including a comparison of the most popular tools for "native-like" mobile apps. Explore your options to ensure the success of your next mobile app.
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