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Articles praising the usage of unit testing are a dime a dozen. A little less popular but still readily available are articles that will try to convince you that unit tests are a waste of time, at least in some cases. Most of them (or maybe even all?) try to prove their arguments based on feelings, on the author’s own assessment of what is good and effective or bad and inefficient. In this article, I won’t be trying to prove which side is right.
Looking to utilize the mobile market? One way to do that is React Native. Read on to learn what React Native is and if you should use it for your project.
Learn the core company values of STX Next, how we defined them, and why core values are an essential foundation for any company.
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In line with our philosophy of continuous growth, improvement, and exploration, 2018 is the year of implementing new technologies at STX Next: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Golang, Blockchain, and React Native.
A Product Owner at STX Next shares the story of how he and his team built a successful Minimum Viable Product for a powerful fintech platform in 5 weeks. Based on this experience, he offers 5 useful tips on how to accomplish a goal this ambitious against all odds.
Find out why you should consider Python as the programming language of choice for your startup. Additionally, learn about 6 startups already using Python to gain a competitive edge.
If you work with software, you may be understandably concerned about its quality. Code, after all, is the beating heart of your product, and as such you deserve to be sure that it is top-notch. A fail-safe way to achieve that guarantee is code review. Here is why.
AMP is one way to make sure mobile users' needs are met. If you want to stay competitive, you should learn about it.