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Read our article based on an interview with a quality engineering expert about QA in software development. Learn how to do software testing the right way.
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Articles praising the usage of unit testing are a dime a dozen. A little less popular but still readily available are articles that will try to convince you that unit tests are a waste of time, at least in some cases. Most of them (or maybe even all?) try to prove their arguments based on feelings, on the author’s own assessment of what is good and effective or bad and inefficient. In this article, I won’t be trying to prove which side is right.
If you work with software, you may be understandably concerned about its quality. Code, after all, is the beating heart of your product, and as such you deserve to be sure that it is top-notch. A fail-safe way to achieve that guarantee is code review. Here is why.
Why did I decide to write an article about testing software? Because I’m a manual tester myself. I know how important my work is and what value it brings to the software development process. I also know that I cannot perform each type of test. In my article, you will learn what are the different kinds of software tests and who can perform them. In short, you will know what you’re getting when you hire a manual tester for your project.