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Five free code audits available for the first organizations that apply.

Who is a code audit for?

  • Companies introducing a new product to the market. The code audit will be a great way to ensure a smooth launch. Malfunctions or security breaches might potentially cost you a lot of money—and reputation.
  • Companies dealing with legacy code. A code audit can show you whether you have a stable base to work from. It will help you estimate the scope, costs, and time frame of development.
  • Investors in need of verifying technical due diligence before they decide to back a software project.

What improvements can a code audit bring to your software?

Our audit focuses on a number of areas, including:

  • Project structure and readability
  • Maintainability
  • Scalability and performance
  • Adherence to coding standards and best coding practices
  • Security and susceptibility to common vulnerabilities
  • The choice of technologies and components
  • Deployment and build processes
  • Infrastructure

What code can we audit?

STX Next senior technical staff can provide expertise for projects built in Python (2.X and 3.X), with any of the Python frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid and many others. 


To provide full-stack coverage of your code, the audit also includes frontend analysis for any of the common JS frameworks including AngularJSAngular 2.x/4.xReactVue.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, EmberJS, Knockout.js and many more.


How it works:
  1. Research and setup
    Our first step is to learn about the project, reviewing both the technical details and its business objectives. We work closely with you to gather all the information needed to set up the test instance of the project, collect the necessary authorizations and view the source code. Your code is completely safe with us. We will sign an NDA agreement to ensure full confidentiality.
  2. Analysis
    Our specialists review the code using analysis tools to identify possible errors and areas for improvement.
  3. Recommendation
    We create a report presenting the results of the analysis and the possible next steps. We highlight possible problems and threats in the report, classified into three categories: critical, significant and minor. Following the report is a set of recommendations and guidelines for further action. Upon presenting the report we also hold a QA session to make sure its contents are clearly understood.
  4. Next steps
    Finding code issues is only the first step towards solving them. Once you get the report, we may discuss further cooperation in fixing the problems found in the software. You may also schedule a re-audit to examine the status of the code after you implement your own fixes. In either case, we offer our help to understand the issues and their impact, and to resolve them in a decisive manner.

Why trust us with your code?

With 16 years on the market and over 200 clients served, we have audited and worked with hundreds of codebases. We’ve seen it all.

The average experience of our senior Python developer is 6.5 years, so you can rest assured your code will be examined by experts.

Take a look at what some of our clients have said about our coding skills:


They’re highly qualified technically. They know what they’re doing in terms of Python and its services. Python is one of their key proficiencies. (...)

I was impressed with how quickly they were able to familiarize themselves with the project and learn how to move around in it. It’s quite a messy, old bit of code. I’m also happy with their way of doing code reviews, and with their Python code in general. It’s clearly being written by people with a level of expertise in that language.


Diogo Campos, Software Engineer

They’re highly professional and talented. Their process for reviewing code and team management were much better than any other firm we’ve worked with. We learned a lot from STX.

Sutta Central

Bhante Sujato, Founder

The quality of engineering is much higher than I expected. I was looking for standard, shop-level skills, but STX Next’s coders are very good. They’re people I’d happily hire internally.


Bradley Wright, CTO


We will audit your code for free - with some limitations. The limiting factor is the availability of our developers and testers. For this reason, the code review is offered on a 'first come, first served' basis.

How to start

Use the form to get in touch with us. We will set up a quick call to understand your product a little better, after which we will schedule the first steps of your code audit.