Tech Leaders Hub #23: How to make a software company go global

Itai Rosenblatt is an Engineering Manager at Google where his team works on complex database migration solutions.

He was also the next guest on Tech Leaders Hub!

Our session was focused on the struggles of first-line managers, and how best to navigate the transition from individual contributor to first-line (and eventually second-line) manager.

Itai knows exactly what that's like. Before Google he went from being a Senior Software Engineer at Cisco to starting on the leader’s path at ScaleIO (a software defined storage company), which is now part of Dell technologies.

He was also a startup founder and he still runs Ace the Code Interview, providing mentorship for technical interviews.

Taking all of the above together, Itai brought with him a real treasure trove of knowledge that you can benefit from by watching our session.

We discussed:

  • Why you need a support group as a manager (and how to find one)
  • What to do to create your own opportunities in your career
  • Why you need to stop chasing cows and build fences
  • Itai’s current #1 book recommendation for managers
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Our speaker


Itai Rosenblatt

Engineering Manager at Google

Senior Software Engineer at Cisco
Team & Technical Leader at EMC ScaleIO





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