Tech Leaders Hub #30: Agile and leadership in emergency logistics

When you’re an engineering leader in the business of transporting critical parcels like human organs across the world as fast as possible, can you still approach your software development in an agile way?

Thilo Seliger, our next Tech Leaders Hub guest, is the Director of Engineering Europe at @Airspace, where his team is building software for one of the most high-stakes industries in the world: emergency logistics.

Airspace arranges transportation of critical spare parts to make sure that factories can keep running—and your airplane can take off when there’s a sudden malfunction.

They also provide critical healthcare shipments, where speed of delivery can mean the difference between life and death.

Thilo built Airspace’s European Engineering team from scratch and not only is the team working in a very complex domain, but they also need to collaborate with development teams on the other side of the world while trying to be as autonomous as possible.

That’s the challenge that Thilo and his team have been engaged with, leveraging his experience brought in from companies like @Temenos @ING Deutschland, @time:matters, and @Zettle by PayPal

Watch this episode to learn about Thilo’s approach and benefit from his experience!

We discussed about these topics:

– Learnings from building engineering teams from scratch and leading in different business domains

– The unique complexities of software development in the emergency logistics industry—and how to navigate them as a leader

– The lessons from emergency logistics that can be applied to other software development situations

– Challenges with Agile in conservative industries like logistics and banking and how it developed over time

– When you shouldn’t use an Agile approach

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Our speaker


Thilo Seliger

Director of Engineering Europe at Airspace

Tech Manager Identity Area at Zettle by PayPal
Head of Software Development at time:matters

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