Tech Leaders Hub #23: How to make a software company go global

“Everyone on the team should understand that they are the product owners. They are responsible for the product.” – Ron Zionpour, R&D Group Lead at

At, the culture is all around being impact-driven and creating the best product for the customers. It’s understood that great engineering should be a tool to build and empower a good product and great user experience.

When we heard about monday’s approach to product development, we knew we had to get them on Tech Leaders Hub—and we’re happy to share that we had the perfect guest for our session!

Ron Zionpour is currently R&D Group Lead at, where his team is growing the monday workdocs product. He also worked at Amdocs and spent 8 years at Innovid, where he rose through the ranks all the way to the role of VP of Engineering.

If you want to avoid getting distracted in your software development and deliver the most value to the end users as quickly as possible…

If you care about having your engineering team focus on what's important…

And If you want to reduce the tension between the engineering team and product management team to have everyone work together towards a common goal...

…you would do well to watch the video shared above and benefit from Ron’s experience.

Tune in to the session to learn:

  • How to handle product management without a Product Manager
  • Building a “team of product owners” where some of them are in engineering and some aren’t
  • What it means to “connect the world straight into the team’s face” and how it leads to better prioritization and a huge motivation boost for developers
  • Specific tactics for building, propagating, and maintaining a product-focused culture
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Ron Zionpour

R&D Group Lead at

VP of Engineering at Innovid
R&D Team Lead at Innovid

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