Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #8: The unseen complexity of building a fintech business

“What people get wrong about fintech is that on the surface it seems like an industry that is very easy to disrupt because a lot of the current players are so bad at what they’re doing. But to do real innovation without harming customers is actually really complicated, more complicated than it may look like from the outside.” – Ron Shteinberg, CTO at Bounce

Ron Shteinberg is a powerhouse of fintech expertise.

Ron’s impressive experience includes such entries as Head of DevOps at, CTO at paze and Capitalflow, Director of Product and Engineering in Lending at Newable and Senior Director of Product Delivery at Cashflows. Now he’s co-founder and CTO of Bounce, a payments startup currently in stealth mode.

Since 2017, he has also worked as a technology and product consultant for fintech companies such as Tide, Tandem, Sugar, and Elsewhen.

During his career, Ron has seen the struggles of fintech businesses:

  • the Build vs Buy conundrum,
  • picking the right financial model for the business,
  • creating a smooth and exciting user journey,
  • ensuring compliance.

Ron has also seen how these struggles can be solved to unlock massive growth for fintechs.

We’re extremely excited to be hosting Ron as the next guest on Tech Leaders Hub, giving you access to his vast fintech experience.

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Ron Shteinberg

CTO at Bounce

Technology and Product Consultant
at TRS Fintech Consulting





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