Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #4: Building a fintech product worthy of your data

Open Banking is taking the fintech world by storm,

but how can you make sure that your product will be good enough for consumers to share their financial data with you?

And when regulations prompt you to ask for their permission to keep using their data every 90 days, what steps can you take to make staying with you an obvious choice for your users?

We’re happy to report that we found the perfect person to talk with about this challenge—and we interviewed them on Tech Leaders Hub!

Andrew Beacock is the Head of Engineering at Canopy, a UK fintech company looking to make the renting experience a breeze for renters, agents, and landlords alike.

We covered:

  • What “Open Banking + X” is, and how it can create a dilemma for your fintech
  • The areas to focus on to create a product users will be happy to feed their financial data into
  • Tactics for managing multiple outsourced teams alongside an internal team
  • What to do after the “iterate and learn and pivot” phase of growth as an engineering manager
  • How to measure and optimize development and deployment processes using DORA metrics
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Our speaker

Andrew Beacock profile picture

Andrew Beacock

Head of Engineering at Canopy

Software Engineering Manager at The Very Group
Principal Software Engineer / Architect / Team Leader at Nokia

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