Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #5: The future of fintech security

“Few people realize the pace at which cyber fraud and hacking are becoming industries.”

That’s just one thing we learned from Joshua Bower-Saul, CEO of Cybertonica, who was the guest of our latest Tech Leaders Hub session.

If cyber fraud is becoming an industry, companies like Cybertonica are doing their best to make that industry disappear.

In fact, Joshua and his team are helping bring along a new era of fintech and payments security through the power of data.

If you’re a tech leader within fintech and you want to prepare for the future of security in your space, be sure to watch our conversation.

We covered:

  • Why identity, payment details and authentication will converge and become a key piece of the cybersecurity puzzle
  • Why CTOs put too much stock in in-house cybersecurity solutions
  • How tech leaders can avoid problems with multiple security vendors
  • Joshua’s best advice for other leaders in the fintech space
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Our speaker

Joshua Bower-Saul profile picture

Joshua Bower-Saul

CEO at Cybertonica

Senior Advisor Venture and Technology at Origen Capital
Senior Advisor Cross Boarder Ventures at Mobility Ventures

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