Tech Leaders Hub #21: The magic formula of growing in all directions at once

One of the largest food and logistics tech scale-ups (with investment from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust) is coming to Tech Leaders Hub!

Our guest Daniel Gebler, co-founder and CTO at Picnic, a cutting-edge Dutch company revolutionizing the way people buy groceries in the Netherlands, Germany, and France

What makes Picnic special?

There are three general directions in which a business of this type can grow:

  1. massive expansion,
  2. massive robotized automation,
  3. new business lines.

Most companies can only do one out of three at the same time.

But Picnic is not like most companies.

Their explosive growth in recent years confirms that their business strategy is working extremely well.

Just last year, they raised $706 million from investors including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust. They were also named the number one startup in the Netherlands by LinkedIn.

Unlike most companies, Picnic is managing to grow in all directions at once: expansion, automation and new business lines are all happening in parallel.

On top of that, they’re managing to make it happen with 10x fewer developers than would normally be needed for such an effort.

Naturally, we decided to invite them to Tech Leaders Hub to find out how they did it!

Tune in to benefit from Daniel’s vast experience as a tech leader.

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Daniel Gebler

CTO at Picnic

Researcher at VU University Amsterdam
Director of R&D at FredhopperPicnic-logo




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