Tech Leaders Hub #38:
How to balance independence and control within your organization

Unlock the secrets to striking the perfect balance between independence and control within your organization with Adrián Moreno Peña, Director of Engineering at SumUp, in this episode of Tech Leaders Hub.

With over 4 million vendors relying on their products, SumUp is a leading provider of financial services for small businesses. As the Director of Engineering, Adrian leads a team of over 50 people, including 30+ engineers, responsible for the development of online invoicing and accounting tools.

One of the key challenges facing Adrian and his team is how to balance the need for individual growth with the needs of the larger organization. By focusing on helping others grow and succeed, Adrian has been able to foster a culture of collaboration and success within his team.

During this episode, we explored topics such as:
– How to foster a culture of innovation and sustainability within a larger organization
– The benefits of allowing smaller units to operate with a startup mentality within a company
– The importance of setting clear investments and goals for each unit
– The role of teaching and mentoring in fostering growth and development within a team
– Strategies for balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the larger organization

One more thing that made this episode special was our new host, Natasza Mikołajczak, who was joining the roster of Tech Leaders Hub hosts alongside Jakub Grajcar. This episode marked Natasza's first time as a host, and we're excited to have her bring her unique perspective and insights to Tech Leaders Hub.

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Adrián Moreno Peña

Director of Engineering at SumUp

Tech Lead at Emakina.NL
Tech Lead at VanMoof

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