Tech Leaders Hub #26: How to change the thinking of an entire engineering organization

You can debug an organization just like you debug code. And breaking up monoliths applies not just to applications, but also to teams.


We’ve got a very special Tech Leaders Hub session in store for you with Søren Bjørnbo Engel, Head of Engineering at Linkfire.

Søren has hands-on experience with making major technological changes happen in big organizations. The kind of changes that require everyone—from the CEO through team leaders all the way to junior developers—to pay attention and change the way they’re doing things.

The kind of change that would make any tech leader break into a cold sweat just thinking about the scope, and the effort and communication that will be required for it.

It’s also the kind of change that dramatically changes not just the organization’s software, but also the organization itself, including the way teams are organized and connected.

Bringing to bear his experience from Linkfire as well as companies such as Sitecore, Pentia, and Netcompany, Søren shared how to successfully navigate through such a transformation, down to all the details you may want to know about.

We've discussed:

– Change management: how to reshape people’s minds to think in a different way

– How to break teams down so they can work at a high pace with a controlled number of useful connections

– How to get sponsorship and buy-in for big tech changes from top leadership all the way to junior developers

– How to rebuild internal educational efforts to build the new skill sets needed by the change

– How to talk with other departments such as product, marketing and sales and bring them in on the change

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Our speaker


Søren Bjørnbo Engel

Head of Engineering at Linkfire

Engineering Manager at Sitecore
System Consultant at Pentia





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