Tech Leaders Hub #25: How to pay off systems debt in your organization

“Is this harder than it needs to be?” - that’s the guiding question that our next Tech Leaders Hub guest encourages leaders and team members to ask to identify systems debt in their organization.

Is systems debt the same as tech debt? Not quite. But you can be sure that the more systems debt you have, the more likely you are to accumulate unmanageable amounts of tech debt—as well as grind delivery to a halt.

To save tech leaders worldwide from this very scenario we’re teamed up with Alishah Novin, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, as our next Tech Leaders Hub guest.

Alishah to bear over a decade of engineering leadership experience and a history of making a tremendous impact at companies such as Cognizant and Celero Commerce. He’s also extremely passionate about helping people find jobs as software engineers.

But that’s not all. If you’ve ever seen someone on LinkedIn with the #OpenToHelping frame on their profile, Alishah is the one who came up with it—and got a modest 2 million views / 21,000 reactions on his LinkedIn post when he did!

Be sure to tune in to our session, where we have discussed about:

– What systems debt is, how it differs from tech debt, how it’s accrued, and how you pay it down

– What your Seniors should be doing to help you handle your systems debt

– Why you should plan for your Juniors leaving after as little as 18 months

– Why the way your team takes (or doesn’t take) breaks can help you diagnose systems debt

– Why you should hold Stupid Questions Only meetings

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Our speaker


Alishah Novin

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Director of Engineering at Celero Commerce
Director of Engineering and Product Development at Cognizant





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