Tech Leaders Hub #28: Hybrid work, the modern workforce, and beyond

The way we work has been changing at an incredible pace. When some members of the same team are dialing in remotely from different time zones while others are sitting together in a conference room, flexibility is the name of the game

On top of that, a new generation is joining the workforce who want more freedom in what they do at work and when they do it.

Put it all together and you get an environment in which leaders have to adapt fast to find new ways to improve the flow of information and get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Ender Yüksel, PhD, our next Tech Leaders Hub guest, is a Director, Development Manager at SimCorp. He’s an experienced leader and manager with lots of actionable advice to share for anyone who wants to structure their teams better, make work flow more effectively, and keep employees from all generations happy and productive.

We’ve discussed:
– Why the career ladder has become more of a career jungle, especially for the new generation
– How working with Gen Z is different and how tech leaders should adapt to it
– How to create effective teamwork when working with distributed teams in a hybrid work environment
– How individual contributors can achieve higher ranks in an organization without becoming managers

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Our speaker


Ender Yüksel

Director, Development Manager at SimCorp

Lead Scrum Master at SimCorp
National External Examiner at Danish Computer Science





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