Tech Leaders Hub #16: Beyond onboarding: why leaders should focus on the employee lifecycle

“As an industry, we haven’t nailed how to scale businesses in a people-friendly way.” – Dave Marsland, CTO at Finematter

When you’re hiring new people and helping them grow, you should think about their whole career—not just their career with you. 

Great onboarding is an important piece of the puzzle, but it’s just the beginning of the employee lifecycle which runs from onboarding through development all the way to exiting the company.

Our Tech Leaders Hub guest Dave Marsland is big on focusing on his team’s career development.

“When people leave, you should have a brand ambassador in the industry”—that’s the standard Dave sets for himself in taking care of his people.

It’s the standard he applies as CTO at Finematter, a groundbreaking emerging marketplace for independent jewelers which is quickly becoming the authority for jewelry ownership.

Tune in to the session with Dave to learn:

  • Why having a framework for hiring is not enough
  • What the employee lifecycle is, why it’s important, and how to improve it at your organization
  • The stages each employee goes through in their lifecycle, and how to excel at them
  • Why leaders focus on the wrong timeframe when onboarding
  • Why Dave is happy to see engineers break something on prod in their first week
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Our speaker


Dave Marsland

CTO at Finematter

Senior Technology Manager at Just Eat
VP of Engineering at Hussle Official

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