Tech Leaders Hub #10: How to manage a large team at a hypergrowth company

When you have many direct reports and your company is growing fast, how can you lead your team to success?

That’s what we tackled in this episode of Tech Leaders Hub.

Our guest was Evgeny Sharypin, Software Development Manager at Sendcloud, Europe’s #1 e-commerce shipping platform.

Topics we covered:

  • How to balance kindness and vulnerability with treating your team like adults
  • The virtues (and pitfalls) of managing a big team
  • How to save your team time to let them focus on high-impact work
  • Finding projects that enable exponential growth
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Our speaker

Evgeny Sharypin profile picture

Evgeny Sharypin

Software Development Manager at Sendcloud

Lead Software Developer at Leadza
Software Developer at Acronis

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