Tech Leaders Hub #36:
The cybersecurity challenges of data gravity centers

As a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in tech, Avi Chesla has seen firsthand the rapid evolution of the industry. In this episode of Tech Leaders Hub, Avi joined us live to share his insights on the current challenges in cybersecurity and how to protect your company while maintaining cost efficiency.

Avi’s experience includes serving as the CTO of Radware (NSDQ:RDWR) as well as being the founder & CEO of empow Cyber Security, a NG-SIEM and XDR company later acquired by Cybereason.

He has been featured in articles and on the conference speaking circuit, and he also holds 40 patents in data analytics and cybersecurity solutions.

During the live stream, we discussed about:

– The latest trends and developments in the cybersecurity field
– The concept of “data gravity centers”, and the risks and inefficiencies involved in using them
– Why some parts of cybersecurity should shift left and move closer to data sources
– How to stay ahead of the curve with predictive models and expert systems in the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity

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Our speaker


Avi Chesla

Founder & CEO at Cybersecurity Startup

XDR CTO at Cybereason
Member at Forbes Technology Council




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