Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #9: The love/hate relationship between fintechs and banks

The tale of fintechs vs banks has captured the imagination of many in the financial sector. But should it be considered a straight-up rivalry, or is there possibility for co-existence and cooperation?

This question is especially interesting to ponder given the recent volatile movements in stock prices. So we decided to bring in an expert to comment on the current situation—and share advice on what fintechs should do to succeed (or even survive) in 2022.

Meital Raviv, our next Tech Leaders Hub guest, brings 20 years of experience in the financial market and deep insight into its inner workings.

Meital is currently Deputy CEO of Wallter, a leading European Electronic Money Institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and placed among the top 10 leading EMIs in Lithuania.

But Meital’s career started on the tech side of things as a developer before transitioning to gradually more business-oriented executive roles at organizations including Bank Leumi (CDO), KPMG Israel (Head of Fintech & innovation), and Bank Hapoalim (Head of Digital Strategy, Open Banking, Innovation Lab and Fintech innovation).

Meital is also a Member Of The Management Board at CityTLV - The Gateway to Greater TLV International Financial Center, which is a partnership for the promotion of Greater Tel-Aviv as an international financial and fintech center.

We've discussed:

  • How to handle the increased risk resulting from the current situation in the market
  • Why fintechs vs banks is a love/hate relationship
  • The mistakes Meital has seen fintechs make over and over again, and how to avoid them
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Our speaker

meital raviv tech leaders hub picture

Meital Raviv

D. CEO at Wallter

Executive Director at KPMG Israel
Head of Digital (CDO) at Bank Leumi





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