Tech Leaders Hub #32: To build multiple successful startups, build well-balanced teams

“When I’m building a team, what I want are team members who can take on any task.” – Harlan Beverly, VP of Engineering at Mercado Labs, author of “Navigating Your Way to Startup Success”

The key to a successful startup—and a successful business in general—is the team that’s leading it, as well as the teams of individual contributors delivering great work every day.

If you want to learn how to build a well-rounded team that can take on any challenge, this Tech Leaders Hub session is for you.

Our guest was Harlan Beverly, VP of Engineering at Mercado Labs and author of “Navigating Your Way to Startup Success”. Harlan has a wealth of experience in building and scaling startups, and was sharing his secrets to repeatable startup success.

We've discussed:
– How Harlan managed to build five successful startups
– How to balance engineers and QA
– How to balance in-house team members vs contractors
– Why the full-stack approach allows you to address the market faster
– How you can apply Agile outside of engineering to make the whole company move faster

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Our speaker

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Harlan Beverly

VP of Engineering at Mercado Labs

VP of Engineering at Beneplace
Founding Engineer & CEO at

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