Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #7: The value of building a great developer experience

“Tech leaders often wear lots of hats in their organizations and while we all know we’re responsible for the technical aspects of our jobs, evangelizing developers is often an overlooked area that can prove to bring great value to a product.” - Skyler Nesheim, SVP of Technology at Dwolla

Dwolla is a US-based fintech company specializing in sophisticated A2A (account-to-account) payment solutions that power innovations. With a single API integration, businesses can collect, send or facilitate funds through various A2A rails some tens, hundreds or even thousands of times per day—Dwolla’s powerful payment technology provides customizable solutions for these types of use cases.

Skyler Nesheim, Dwolla’s SVP of Technology, says the key to growing Dwolla’s business has been building technology with tooling and resources that developers love—and that’s a key responsibility of tech leaders.

Dwolla’s platform is designed to be API-driven and tailored so businesses can add rich payments functionality to their application while maintaining their own user experience. The consultative approach of integration experts, robust documentation and a strong testing environment has helped engineering teams maximize their speed to market with a rock solid integration. Dwolla’s platform is feature-rich and includes not only an API, but infrastructure that supports real-time webhooks, drop-in components and other tools to reduce the amount of work required of developers.

If that sounds like a goal to strive towards for your API, be sure to tune in to this Tech Leaders Hub session for tips on how to level up your evangelism and developer experience.

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Skyler Nesheim

Head of Quality Engineering at Dwolla

Consultant, IT Applications at Nationwide Insurance





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