Tech Leaders Hub #20: What CTOs need to know about product strategy

“Many CTOs don’t realize that they have a huge impact on product strategy.” – Jarek Feith, Senior Product Consultant

What is product strategy? What impact do you have on it as a CTO?

In other words, how do you answer the “what to build next?” question at your company?

As a CTO, you need to know whether the features your teams are building are bringing business value. You need to know how to show the business impact of the code being shipped by your developers. And you need to know how to make plans that will lead your teams to provide maximum business value as soon as possible.

Tune in to the session with Jarek to learn:

  • What product strategy is, why you should care about it, and how to drive it at your company as a CTO
  • The unconscious product management competencies that many CTOs already have
  • What to do if your tech department is an “internal agency” fulfilling the requests of the business layer
  • Why you should build teams of missionaries, not mercenaries
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Our speaker


Jarek Feith

Senior Product Consultant at STX Next

UX Lead at The Software House
Head of Product at Kleek





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