Tech Leaders Hub #35: Why you should skip team leads in your engineering org structure

For our next session of Tech Leaders Hub, we were pleased to welcome Yakov Becker, Chief Technology Officer at

Yakov has a wealth of experience in the technology industry, including leading the development of multiple product lines and managing teams in various roles. At, his teams are responsible for everything from product development through DevOps up to support for production.

We were exploring the topic of why you should skip team leads in your engineering organization structure—an approach Yakov has successfully tested in the past with good results.

As always, we also took the chance to draw from Yakov’s deep experience and unearth other pieces of advice tech leaders can benefit from.

If you want to benefit from his lessons learned and become a better leader for your engineering org, you need to watch this session!

During the live stream, we discussed about:

– The benefits and drawbacks of skipping team leads in engineering organizations
– How this structure can impact team dynamics, communication, and decision-making
– Yakov's experiences with this approach and the lessons he has learned

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Our speaker


Yakov Becker

CTO at

VP Technology at Propeller Ads
Chief System Architect at TradeFXL/





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