Tech Leaders Hub #15: Writing better software with observability, on-call devs and rapid delivery

“Engineers don’t get burned out from shipping too much. Slowness and context switching burns them out.” – Charity Majors, CTO at

As humans, when we feel insecure, we freeze. We slow down to reassess.

But in software, speed is safety. It’s only when information is fresh in your mind that you can easily squash bugs and fix issues that may be frustrating your users.

To enable your developers to act quickly, you need observability. And to learn about observability, you can hardly do better than listening to Charity Majors, our Tech Leaders Hub guest!

We covered:

  • What observability is, how it fits into DevOps, and how to get it right
  • The importance of on-call developers and short delivery times
  • Why throwing more people on a problem is one of the worst things you can do
  • Why you should reward managers who say “no”
  • Why interviewing engineers is broken—and it’s all Google’s fault
  • What happens when you add high-performing people to low-performing teams
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Our speaker


Charity Majors

CTO at

Production Engineering Manager at Facebook
Infrastructure Tech Lead at Parse





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