Tech Leaders Hub #19: Your first 100 days as a CTO

“At the beginning of your work as a CTO, it will feel like every random chat you have unearths more issues that you should be dealing with.

Do not become overwhelmed. Instead, diligently keep track of what you’re hearing and pass it along to the next steps in the process.” – Aviv Ben-Yosef, consultant and author of “The Tech Executive Operating System”

Our next Tech Leaders Hub guest loves what he does—and what he does is help CTOs create even better product engineering teams.

Aviv Ben-Yosef is a global advisor coach for tech leaders and author of “The Tech Executive Operating System”. In his book, Aviv lays out a set of tools and guidelines with which you can create highly autonomous delivery teams that make the impossible possible.

We couldn’t possibly cover everything in the book during one session, so we’ll focus on the beginning: your first 100 days as CTO.

When you take up the CTO role, everything can seem urgent and important. How do you filter out the critical issues from the noise? What are the most important moves to make in your first 100 days? What are the areas most often overlooked?

We dug deep into all of that, so watch this episode to become a smarter, more prepared CTO.

(And even if you’re way past your first 100 days, there’s a good chance Aviv’s framework will help you identify areas you’ve been neglecting all this time.)

We discussed:

  • The four areas you need to explore as you get your bearings as a CTO
  • The four elements of an effective CTO’s plan for the first 100 days
  • How to drive huge changes even when you’re in a large organization
  • How to turn R&D from a cost center to an innovation center
  • What tech capital is and how to bring it into your company
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Our speaker

Aviv Ben-Yosef

Aviv Ben-Yosef

Tech Executive Consultant

Software Engineer at IBM
Developer at IDF





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