Tech Leaders Hub #17: Why you need your own philosophy of software development

“When you start to compromise on how you want to work, it leads to bad outcomes.” – Chris Thacker, Director of Engineering at PHMG

Have you ever considered what your unique approach to software development is?

In other words: what’s your software development philosophy?

And if you have one, does your team know about it? Do you check for it when hiring?

Chris Thacker, Director of Engineering at PHMG and our next Tech Leaders Hub guest, is here to convince you why you shouldn’t wait with defining your software development philosophy—especially if you want to build teams that work well together and to create better outcomes for your business.

Chris is part of PHMG, the largest audio branding agency with 23 years on the market. They make small businesses sound professional—and big corporations sound as impressive as they look.

(If you’ve ever heard the McDonalds “ba da ba ba ba” in your head, you know what audio branding is.)

Tune in to the session with Chris to learn:

  • Why you need a software development philosophy
  • Chris’ philosophy of software development based on the 4 Ps
  • How to set (and enforce) high standards for your people
  • How to build a team that you can trust to make its own decisions
  • Chris’ surprising approach to interviewing (with no tech tasks involved)
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Our speaker


Chris Thacker

Director of Engineering at PHMG

CTO at Mojo Mortages
Head of Engineering at Moneysupermarket Group





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