Tech Leaders Hub #27: Building better teams through peer leadership

“Leadership should not be something reflected in the org chart. It’s something people do to each other.” – Anders Kring, Head Of Technology, Banking Operations at Lunar

At Lunar, managers don’t hire new team members. The team does.

Even before new hires join, they’ve already spoken with 4+ colleagues and begun to build a trust-based relationship with them.

And even though the manager serves as an initial filter of candidates, it’s the team that ultimately decides who joins and who doesn’t.

This is peer leadership in action. And it’s the topic that our next Tech Leaders Hub session revolved around.

Our guest was Anders Kring, an engineering leader with over 20 years’ experience currently serving as Head Of Technology, Banking Operations at Lunar, a Nordics-based fintech company building a single platform to control all of your finances so you can get more power from your money. The company has offices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, more than 500.000 users and over 600 employees.

We've discussed:
– How to build trust within your teams through peer leadership
– How to get your developers to share in the responsibility of hiring new people and become deeply invested in new team members’ success
– How peer leadership helps address depression and burnout
– Why leaders should respect the gigantic impact they have on their people

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Our speaker


Anders Kring

Head Of Technology, Banking Operations at Lunar

Principal Consultant at Devoteam
Head of Data and GDPR at TV 2 DANMARK A/S





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