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Create customizable, scalable, and secure applications with Python’s top framework, taking advantage of its time-saving, built-in features and off-the-shelf solutions.

With experience in over 320 Django projects, we can support you with services ranging from a code audit to end-to-end development.

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Create customizable, scalable, and secure applications with Python’s top framework, taking advantage of its time-saving, built-in features and off-the-shelf solutions.

With experience in over 320 Django projects, we can support you with services ranging from a code audit to end-to-end development.

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Why choose our
Django services
for your project?

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Why choose our Django services for your project?

Django, one of the most popular Python web frameworks, is often the best choice when you need flexible development and rapid delivery of your MVP.

Working with STX Next, you will benefit from our 18 years on the market as the largest Python software house in Europe, with over 150 Python developers on board.

We offer a wide range of Django services to support you at any stage of your project.

Whether you need a code audit to make sure that your codebase is future-proof and bug-free, or you’re looking to outsource the development of the entire project, you can rely on our Django experts every step of the way.

To help you reduce costs and speed up development, we also offer Django starter kits that provide the most common features out of the box.

With over 320 completed Django projects and extensive experience with other solutions, we also have the expertise to recommend other frameworks when we believe Django is not the right fit for you. 

We are the largest Python software house in Europe

—maybe even the whole world.

Founded in 2005 and based in Poland, we have 150+ Python developers and 18+ years of experience under our belt to meet your custom Python development needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for end-to-end product development, from Product Design to DevOps. However, our top specialty remains Python. This sharp focus is what sets us apart from the competition. If Python is your tech stack of choice, there’s no better company on Earth for you to work with.

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We are the largest Python software house in Europe
Python & Django Developer and Global Leader

on the independent, obejctive B2B research platform with an average rating of 4.8 from over 80 client reviews

What are the

benefits of
using Django
in your project?

Django services - benefits of django
It’s built with Python, which gives it a versatile and scalable foundation

As the most popular Python framework, Django is flexible enough to cover most programming tasks and problems. By choosing Django, you will leverage the numerous advantages of Python, including versatility, scalability, and security. And by choosing to work with us, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience as the largest Python software house in Europe.

It speeds up software development

Thanks to Django’s “batteries included” approach, you will be able to significantly accelerate the software development process and maximize your ROI as a result. The framework comes with thousands of packages that provide a wide range of functionalities, such as social authentication, a logging interface, and notification management, so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. On top of that, many services provide libraries that are compatible with Django, including Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Algolia.

It has all you need to develop a modern app

Django comes with everything you need to build an application. The framework is often compared to a LEGO set: developers can easily work with “blocks” to create a product that fits your requirements. And if you need to add machine learning or data science components, Django, by virtue of being a Python framework, goes very well with these technologies.

It comes with up-to-date security

Django comes with some of the best built-in security features that can protect your product from a variety of cyber threats, including clickjacking, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection. The framework is continuously kept up to date: even if you use an older version, you will never compromise on security thanks to regular new patches.

It suits any project, no matter the size or platform

With Django, you’ll be able to build cross-platform applications that can be used on a variety of devices. Thanks to its ability to seamlessly serve thousands of users, Django will help you handle spikes in traffic whenever they occur.

It can help you launch an MVP quickly

Thanks to Django’s flexibility and scalability, you’ll be able to reduce the time spent on coding, which translates into faster development and launch of your MVP. 

Our Django
tech stack

Django REST Framework
Django Channels
Django CMS
JSON Web Token

Django services
we’ve provided

to our clients
ux-design MVP development
performance-business-idea-1 Application optimization
Code audit Code audits
icon-1 Upgrade to the latest Django version
continuous-integration-icon Integration with third-party providers
Data consulting NEW Technology consulting
dynamic website Moving to Django
icon-2-1 Refactoring
accessibility-testing Testing
Design and architecture NEW Architecture design

Cooperation models

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Add Django developers to your in-house web development team.

Speed up project development and scale up and down whenever necessary, with over 200 Django programmers at your disposal.



Work with us to build the right product.

Build features your users will love, in an order that makes sense, with a tech stack that will serve you for years. Our Product & Technology Consulting team will analyze your requirements and suggest the most suitable choice of tools and architecture.

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& Auditing

Future-proof your product with our expert code audit.

Take advantage of our experience to find hidden issues in your Django application, or as part of due diligence when acquiring a product. We can help you optimize the code for performance and help your team build faster.

Examples of Django

projects we’ve delivered

Industry: Fintech


Acquired by MasterCard in 2019, Vyze is a leading fintech company for manufacturers and retailers.

Bringing together a comprehensive lending supply, technology, and support, Vyze helps businesses provide simpler, more satisfying financing experiences to their customers, wherever and whenever they shop.

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Industry: eCommerce

Launched in 2014, is a nutritionally tailored pet food service that creates a unique recipe for every single dog it serves from a million combinations, based on his or her age, breed, needs, and preferences. 

Building upon the success of the dog food platform, decided to launch a parallel service for cats, called Republic of Cats. The company chose STX Next as its software development partner to help build an application suite for the project.

Republic of Cats provides subscription-based feeding plans for felines that have been tailored to each pet’s unique nutritional preferences and requirements. Customers can manage their subscriptions using a desktop dashboard and a mobile application.

Download the case study
Industry: Food & Beverages


Procsea is the first online B2B fish and seafood marketplace. It simplifies and optimizes seafood purchases by putting buyers in direct contact with fishermen, suppliers, and fish merchants across Europe. 

Procsea has revolutionized the previously overly complex maritime industry by removing the need for intermediaries and promoting short supply chains. The platform’s innovative approach, which focuses on sustainable and traceable fishing, is free to use for both buyers and sellers.

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All of our case studies

During our 18+ years on the market, we have delivered 800+ projects for 300+ clients in several dozen industries, ranging from fintech and big data to education and advertising.

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Outsourcing is a big leap for your software projects

On your path to greater velocity and flexibility,
we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Django Services - Outsourcing

What if I want to keep some of the work in-house?

Smart move. By all means, keep your existing team if it works for you. Your external team will simply complement what you’re already doing while bringing in a fresh perspective and greater scalability.

They’re embedded completely in our process to the point that there’s no difference between one of our in-house developers and one of theirs.
Junior Godoi
Software Engineering Manager, Scurri

What if I need to save my budget and cut development costs?

You can scale the team down or move development entirely back in-house.

Not only are they transparent and flexible, but they’ve been immensely helpful when we needed to scale up. When the time came to scale down, it was no problem, either.
Luka Gubo
CEO, Blocktrade AG

How will I know you’re a culture fit?

We’ve been on the market since 2005 and 99% of our clients are outside of Poland, so we have lots of experience cooperating across cultures.

STX Next has very energetic and sociable teams, and we get along well. After working extensively with their teams, we honestly see them as colleagues rather than suppliers. That’s a unique thing, and it has to do with the culture of STX—it’s something they should be proud of.
Greg Swimer & Jim Mellor
CTO / Product Director, Hogarth Worldwide

How can I be sure you’ll understand my project and what it needs?

You don’t want to just ship features; your software should help your business succeed in the market. That’s why we’ll begin our cooperation with a discovery process to understand what you’re building, for whom, and why.

They are willing to learn and understand our business. Instead of just coding to our specs, STX Next engages with us as a partner, wanting to understand, improve the code, and deliver better products.
Fintech Company, Austin, TX
Senior Engineering Manager

Why work with STX Next?

18 years

of market experience


projects delivered

3.5+ years

average partnership


clients served


professionals on board

6.5 years

average experience of our Django developers

What our clients say

C-level executives, product managers, tech leads, and founders from around the world have appreciated our help in delivering world-class products under strict deadlines.

The feedback we get from our clients is consistent. We take real ownership. We happily serve as mentors in tech and Agile. We listen to real business needs instead of just shipping features.

Featured in gamespot-logo

It was a pleasure working with the team at STX Next. Collaboration and communication worked like a charm and made our first foray into hiring outside help a big success. The developed tool included technology we were able to extract as a library and made the effort even more worthwhile. Looking forward to our next endeavor.

Sebastian Kral
Global Head of Pipeline @ Pixomondo
Featured in yahoo-finance-logo

STX Next’s development efforts have been so successful that the contract is likely to be extended, and the DevOps resources are incredibly proactive and communicative. The firm features an effective onboarding process and an agreeable project management approach, creating a seamless engagement.

Kim Steglich
Director of Operations @ BuildFax

The team is very product oriented - they try to understand the product and its end users. This means that there are more sets of eyes looking after potential User Experience issues, which results in a better product.

Ron Shteinberg
Head of Product and Operations @ Newable
Featured in logo-techcrunch-1

The STX Next team has proven itself to be a solid and reliable partner in software development for the Tiqets platform. Although Tiqets’ main development team is located in the Amsterdam office, having dedicated development teams in Poland gives the company the flexibility it requires in the rapidly growing market that Tiqets operates in.

Sietse van der Laan
Tech Team Manager @ Tiqets
Acquired by png-transparent-apple-logo-business-iphone-apple-heart-computer-logo

Apart from their quality of work and timeliness, it was important for us to have clear communication. STX Next met this expectation very well.

Nitsan Avni
Mobile Development Lead @ RealFace

We were able to scale up instantly, adding developers with the specific technical expertise that we needed and then rotating them out when the problem had been solved. At a much smaller firm that would have been very difficult. So far there hasn’t been any challenge that STX Next hasn’t been able to overcome.

Matthew Brooke-Hitching
Featured in logo-techcrunch-1

It was always a team that showed initiative, not just receiving instructions to deliver features but also asking why and what we were building so that it quickly became much more collaborative.

Mark McLaughlin
Featured in the-telegraph-logo

We were looking to move our Python & Django development out of London, to save money but also to find a good quality Agile team approach that included some product ownership. STX Next was able to provide the high quality dev team alongside project management. This fact combined with the costs savings from moving away from London made it a simple decision.

Neal Hendey
Managing Director @ TBSeen

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