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Guides and reports

The Global CTO Survey 2021 Report
The Global CTO Survey 2020 Report
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Software Developers - The On-Site and Remote Edition (Resources)
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Software Developers
What Is Python Used for?
Python vs. Other Programming Languages
A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Software Development
Machine Learning Applications


The New CTOs Handbook eBook
The New CTO’s Handbook
Tech Leaders Hub - Management & Growth (Resources)
Tech Leaders Hub: Management & Growth
Machine Learning for Ecommerce ebook cover
Machine Learning for Ecommerce
The C-Level Guide to Software Development Nearshoring
The True Cost of Hiring In-House Developers
Introduction to Python for Tech Managers

Case studies

Brief Media case study - PDF cover
How Brief Media Provided a Veterinary App to Over 32,000 Subscribers and Modernized the Animal Health Care Industry
How Built a New Business Line from Kick-Off to MVP in Under 3 Months with STX Next
Evalueserve IPR&D Names 2020 “Best Year Ever for Product Innovation” by Outsourcing Their IP Intelligence Platform
How LUMICKS Validated and Built a Platform to Help Researchers Analyze Diseases at the Single-Molecule Level

Code audits

react native code audit
How to Audit the Quality of Your React Native Code: A Step-by-Step Guide
python code audit checklist and sample report
How to Audit the Quality of Your Python Code: Checklist and Sample Report


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Project Handover Checklist

Follow these steps when handing over your software project to an external partner.

Discovery Workshops Sample Agenda

Plan your discovery workshops with our sample agenda.

Project Kickoff Primer

Get a sample schedule and checklist for your next project kickoff.

What Is AIOps, BizDevOps, CloudOps, DevOps, ITOps, NoOps?

A gentle introduction to digital transformation.

Python 2.7 to 3.X Migration Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to port your project from Python 2 to Python 3.

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