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Build trust with your clients through a modern app that meets the highest security standards, uses best development practices, and easily integrates with third-party solutions.

Our considerable experience in working with fintech companies means we’re well equipped to handle compliance with legal requirements, processing large amounts of confidential data, or accessibility of your app thanks to custom UI/UX design.

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Build trust with your clients through a modern app that meets the highest security standards, uses best development practices, and easily integrates with third-party solutions.

Our considerable experience in working with fintech companies means we’re well equipped to handle compliance with legal requirements, processing large amounts of confidential data, or accessibility of your app thanks to custom UI/UX design.

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Finance industry verticals
we have experience in

We’ve been active on the software development market since 2005.

In that time, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to collaborate with clients from a variety of different industries, even within the financial services sector itself.

While our fintech background is extensive, there’s no vertical we’ve worked with more than lending.

Finance industry verticals we have experience in

We’ve been active on the software development market since 2005.

In that time, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to collaborate with clients from a variety of different industries, even within the financial services sector itself.

While our fintech background is extensive, there’s no vertical we’ve worked with more than lending.

Lending software development
Lending software development

Lending software development

What is the number one challenge lending services providers face? In our experience, it’s trust.

You’re asking your clients to trust you with their money. That kind of trust needs to be earned. The best way to do that is to build your app with this goal in mind.

A loan application platform has to be simple, accessible, and inviting. Your users need to feel encouraged to go through the whole process, and if they drop out at any step, you should already have their contact information so that you can reach out and keep talking to them.

Naturally, smart UI/UX design that’s easy to use is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to think about: conversion, precision, visualization, customization, synchronization, optimization, integration—among many others.

We know all this. We’ve seen it before with our previous lending clients. We can help you like we’ve helped them.

Which fintech lending problems

can we help you with?
Having worked with many fintech clients over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of challenges they faced. Here are some of the problems we can help you solve if you decide to team up with us:
Problems with third-party integration
Lack of necessary know-how
Data synchronization issues
Poor and uninviting UI/UX
High maintenance costs of inefficient solutions
Bad system architecture
No API integration
Inability to attract new clients
Database mismatch to app functionality

How can we meet your
fintech lending needs?


Bespoke UI/UX solutions are a sure-fire way to build straightforward, effective, and visually appealing web and mobile apps.

Strong frontend drives conversion; it’s the key to attracting more clients who will complete more transactions. At the same time, precision of design and attention to detail are essential to building trust with your users. Success is impossible without making people feel good about using your product.

However, custom design also means smart design. Your platform has to look great and be user-friendly, but above all else, it needs to be as accessible as possible. We’ll employ tried-and-tested design practices to make using your app easy, quick, and effortless.


Dealing with sensitive information on a daily basis means data security is of paramount importance to your business.

In order to store and process vast quantities of data safely, your app requires proper infrastructure and optimization. Luckily, building software and testing its security is our bread and butter.

We have the necessary expertise and technical know-how to meet your specific safety challenges. If you already have an app and are worried about its security, we can offer you consulting support and point out any flaws or gaps in your system.

Robotic process

Using cutting-edge ML/AI solutions, we’ll automate your complex business processes and take your fintech app to the next level.

Implementing RPA results in lowering your development costs, increasing the performance of your app, and boosting the overall software quality of your product. It also improves the security of your confidential data.

Moreover, Python is a great fit for RPA and makes its implementation much easier. Since we’re the largest Python software house in Europe, our expertise will definitely come in handy here.

Data storing

We can design, optimize, and build a wide range of data storing solutions for you, including transactional databases, data lakes, and data warehouses.

To help you solve any problems you may have related to storing and backing up data effectively, we offer compression, normalization, and selection of the right data mechanisms, formats, and structures.

We’ll also make your data easy to read and save, paying attention to its availability and proper access control.

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Customer relationship

The CRM is the heart of every fintech company on the market. We’ll help you customize the existing solutions to best meet your individual needs.

Since the CRM is where you keep all of your client information, it is the key to hitting all the targets outlined in your sales KPIs. As your business foundation, the CRM needs to be implemented very well.

We know that and we’ll ensure this foundation is as solid as it can be for you. Plus, it will make your integration with third-party solutions a lot easier.


Put your marketing on autopilot by linking your various marketing channels, workflows, and data points to create an integrated multi-channel strategy.

Thanks to marketing automation, you’ll be able to trigger personalized communications based on user behavior, demographics, firmographics, or CRM status—through e-mail, popups, digital advertising, chat messages, or the in-app offering itself.

Your engagement will grow, your lead nurturing will become more effective, and your results will be easier to track. All of this means you will save precious time that you can allocate to where it is better spent.


Our solutions to fintech
lending challenges

System Design and Architecture


Solid infrastructure is the crucial first step to building a robust lending platform.

Many of our clients benefit from our insights even at the earliest stages of development. We’ve been in charge of preparing both high-level implementation design plans and low-level technical system architecture.

System architecture design for lending in particular can be difficult when we first need to get familiar with outdated systems that might have been used to first build them. Luckily, it usually comes down to picking the right tools for the job, especially when it comes to integration.



Store and track all your client data in a single location. Everything you need, right where you need it.

Loan application is a complicated process that is actually a number of smaller processes, like credit score verification, background check, underwriting, and a lot more.

We’ll use our thorough knowledge and understanding of your individual needs to implement specific solutions that will meet them best as a consequence of detailed and precise app design.



Integration with multiple existing systems is a must for any fintech company worth its salt.

Credit score calculation, bank account information, client identity confirmation, advanced marketing services, customer relationship management—there’s virtually no end to how many external systems you need to integrate with.

We’re acutely aware of it, closely familiar with those use cases, and able to tell you their pros and cons. We won’t be reinventing any wheels here, just applying tried-and-tested, readily available solutions.

Examples of third-party integrations we’ve done for our clients include Stripe, GoCardless, and Shopify.


Analytics NEW


Collecting and storing client data isn’t the end of the story. The real key to success is knowing how to use it the right way.

To help you make better-informed and data-driven decisions, we actively support implementing solutions that generate insights. Every attempt to go through your loan application process, successful or not, needs to be monitored, saved, and stored to verify this data in the future.

We have extensive experience in product analytics tools and predictive models, as well as dashboards and reports that track your metrics both periodically and in real time.




No two lending platforms are the same. We’ll customize our solutions to your specific problems.

Experience, knowledge, and skill are everything in fintech. We know you seek not just software developers, but seasoned professionals who will immediately get exactly what you’re after and advise you on everything, from legal compliance to open banking.

Since we have expert know-how on the inner workings of finance, you’ll have no trouble communicating your business and tech needs to us as your partner, whether it’s finding B2C clients online or attracting new users through better design solutions.

Data processing NEW


Your app needs to process vast amounts of data. We’ll offer you scalable, reliable, and flexible solutions to accomplish that goal.

We’ve supported many companies in extracting, transforming, and cleaning their data. Instead of building new tools from scratch, we’ll use existing ML/DE solutions to help you build a more efficient data processing strategy.

Examples of those solutions in which we have the most experience include data pipelines, ETL processes, and batch processing.



Inefficient solutions are bound to cost you a lot of money. We can optimize them for you and lower your costs substantially.

Multiple factors may contribute to an increase or a decrease in the maintenance costs of your app. Everything, from the way you process your data to the way you provide access to your services, may play a part in this.

More likely than not, you have some leaks that could easily be plugged there. We’ll help you do just that, since cutting costs across the board is always a good idea—especially now, during a pandemic, when all savings matter.



Lending is a vertical where numbers are everywhere. You need to be able to make sense of them.

Spreadsheets, charts, dashboards, graphs—doesn’t matter if they’re simple or complex, in fintech, you’re dealing with hundreds of them, all the time.

The only way to process and present all this information is to have customizable data visualization services at hand. We'd be more than happy to help you with that.

Examples of fintech lending

projects we’ve delivered

Industry: Fintech


Acquired by MasterCard in 2019, Vyze is a leading fintech company for manufacturers and retailers.

Bringing together a comprehensive lending supply, technology, and support, Vyze helps businesses provide simpler, more satisfying financing experiences to their customers, wherever and whenever they shop.

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Industry: Fintech


Newable makes applying and qualifying for business loans quick and easy, enabling business owners to receive the money in a very efficient and timely manner.

Focused on enabling the growth of UK SMEs through the provision of finance to those who feel they are unable to access finance through mainstream providers (i.e. banks), Newable helps companies develop their business within a few days.

Even after receiving the loan, Newable supports the business owners through a mentoring service. Businesses can also register on Newable as an introductory body (broker) to apply for a loan on behalf of their clients.

Our team built the Newable platform from scratch within 8 weeks. Despite the short deadline, the service had customers from day one and continues to exist without any major problems. We made the loan application time short and the system easy to understand for end users.

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Industry: Fintech


Paze is a web and mobile application (both for iOS and Android) that allows employees to get their salaries on a daily or weekly basis.

Founded on the premise of eliminating the dependency on short-term credit and encouraging working people to save, Paze is a next-generation consumer finance company that lets customers get the money they’ve already earned without waiting for payday.

The application includes a complete registration process with credit checks and KYC, the customer’s view, the administration dashboard and a portal for employers.

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Credit Rubric
Industry: Fintech

Credit Rubric

Credit Rubric is a platform that helps traders make better business decisions by collecting and displaying data regarding high-yield bonds and performing complex calculations.

A UK-based data analytics tool for European debt securities, Credit Rubric offers independent quantitative analysis combining financial performance, credit metrics, and market pricing.

Their main goal is to store and share information regarding high-yield bonds, the issuing companies, all details of the bonds, as well as up-to-date information.

Credit Rubric tasked STX Next with building an MVP of their system that will display yield calculation details and financial performance statistics to users searching for high-yield bonds.

We succeeded by delivering Node.js REST services, implementing Angular for the backend and React for the frontend, as well as using ElasticSearch for efficient indexing and data searching.

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Gilad Amir

CEO @ Paze

One key highlight was their ability to take complete ownership over their work, paying close attention to each detail and always taking into account the end-user and the overall business goal.

Our other fintech expertise

Insurtech and proptech

Insurtech and proptech

The competition on the insurance and property market is fierce. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and attract new business by offering you bleeding-edge solutions like machine learning or data engineering.

Operating in the insurtech or proptech vertical forces you to store and process a lot of data that changes all the time. We can help you manage it properly with optimized solutions and DevOps services.

In addition, we know that meeting legal requirements can be a challenge. We’ll make sure your app is compliant with these regulations by ensuring top-notch security of your data.

Banking and financial services consulting

Banking and financial services consulting

Software quality, testing solutions, and data security are all top priorities in banking. Our seasoned professionals with experience in the field will give you just that and more.

Banking systems are incredibly complex and one of their key business goals is keeping app processing time under one second to make the process smooth for the user. We’ll use best development practices, fully compliant with global standards, to help your product achieve maximum efficiency.

And if your goal is to disrupt the market with fresh and innovative solutions, we can deliver a modern app with outstanding UI/UX for you that will allow you to build trust with your users through both convenience and reliability.



Trust is essential when it comes to money, and it can only be built through safety and reliability. In a world where things change in a blink of an eye, this is getting more and more difficult, but we know how to make it happen for you.

We’re familiar with currency issues, open banking, and data encryption. Confidential information is our bread and butter, and there’s no feature, simple or complex, we won’t be able to build for you.

Whether it’s backend stability, legal compliance, or third-party integration, we’re well aware of the standards your app has to meet to best serve your clients. We’ve seen it time and again, and we have the expertise to support you with all your needs.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

You want to leverage one of the most disruptive tech breakthroughs to power your platform. Speed and security will obviously be instrumental to your product, but so will brand-new technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Lucky for you, we’ve been there, done that.

At its heart, blockchain is all about innovation. Finding solutions to problems no one's ever solved before is the rule, not the exception, and nothing short of state-of-the-art software will suffice. It goes without saying that performance, reliability, and safety are all top priorities, as well.

We’ve worked with several cryptocurrencies, built entire projects around microservices, and designed atomic swaps—including one of the first ever documented! We’re no strangers to the many technical challenges involved in creating a blockchain app, like testing on multiple platforms, choosing the right libraries, or meeting complex legal regulations.

Examples of other fintech

projects we’ve delivered

Industry: Proptech


BuildFax provides business-critical property condition and history data to the largest insurance and financial institutions in the world.

Based in Austin, Texas, the company offers a one-of-a-kind database that encompasses over 84 billion data points on commercial and residential structures.

In 2019, BuildFax was acquired by Verisk—a leading data analytics provider in the US.

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Volkswagen Bank
Industry: Banking

Volkswagen Bank

Volkswagen Bank is one of the leading leasing companies in Europe and the leading company on the Polish market. They offer a system for financing the lease of vehicles in dealerships.

We helped the client cut the time for the initial offer by half, reduce the time to payout by 30%, provide support for all types of clients or financing, and provided them with a unified system for application processing throughout all of their Polish dealerships and in the bank.

The system allows for intuitive negotiation of financial parameters, comparison between multiple variants of hundreds of offers, and simplification of this procedure by issuing automated decisions and compliance reports.

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Industry: Wealthtech


The world’s first corporate bond market app.

WiseAlpha’s world-first fractional bond trading platform is pioneering mass retail market participation in corporate bonds—a trillion-dollar asset class that only hedge funds, institutions, and ultra-high net worth individuals could previously access directly.

The WiseAlpha mobile app allows users to conveniently manage their investment portfolios by buying and selling fractional bonds. You can browse, filter, and search the bond marketplace, as well as access detailed information about individual bonds, including business description, capital structure, or key financials and reports.

The company's innovative investment product is praised by its users and recognized by industry awards like the British Bank Awards and the Good Money Guide Awards.

Industry: Blockchain


Blocktrade is a state-of-the-art crypto trading platform that prioritizes speed, reliability and safety.

In the next decade, crypto assets will overtake the financial world and Blocktrade will be the trading facility where these assets will trade.

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Luka Gubo

CEO @ Blocktrade

They’ve done a great job overall. Not only are they transparent and flexible, but they’ve been immensely helpful when we needed to scale up. When the time came to scale down, it was no problem, either.

Why work with STX Next?

18 years

of market experience


projects delivered

3.5+ years

average partnership


clients served


professionals on board

6.5 years

average experience of our developers

What our clients say

C-level executives, product managers, tech leads, and founders from around the world have appreciated our help in delivering world-class products under strict deadlines.

The feedback we get from our clients is consistent. We take real ownership. We happily serve as mentors in tech and Agile. We listen to real business needs instead of just shipping features.

The team is very product oriented - they try to understand the product and its end users. This means that there are more sets of eyes looking after potential User Experience issues, which results in a better product.

Ron Shteinberg
Head of Product and Operations @ Newable

One key highlight was their ability to take complete ownership over their work, paying close attention to each detail and always taking into account the end-user and the overall business goal.

Gilad Amir
CEO @ Paze
Featured in yahoo-finance-logo

STX Next’s development efforts have been so successful that the contract is likely to be extended, and the DevOps resources are incredibly proactive and communicative. The firm features an effective onboarding process and an agreeable project management approach, creating a seamless engagement.

Kim Steglich
Director of Operations @ BuildFax

We were able to scale up instantly, adding developers with the specific technical expertise that we needed and then rotating them out when the problem had been solved. At a much smaller firm that would have been very difficult. So far there hasn’t been any challenge that STX Next hasn’t been able to overcome.

Matthew Brooke-Hitching
Featured in forbes

We met STX in the beginning of the latest cryptocurrency boom and their contribution was vital to us when managing that extraordinary demand. They quickly adapt to the company and domain, show true ownership by always acting proactively towards solution and deliver high quality work even under stressful conditions. STX is now one of the most essential partners of our business.

Çağatay Yüksel
Founder and CEO @ Koinim

The project team demonstrated efficiency by streamlining processes and supplying frequent performance metrics. Resources always communicated effectively, and the deliverables were almost completely bug-free.

Leigh Simpson
CTO @ FusePump
Acquired by png-transparent-apple-logo-business-iphone-apple-heart-computer-logo

Apart from their quality of work and timeliness, it was important for us to have clear communication. STX Next met this expectation very well.

Nitsan Avni
Mobile Development Lead @ RealFace

We really appreciate working with STX Next, because of their dedication to quality as well as their effort to meet always the deadline - even in a very challenging project phase.

Dr. Holger de Bie
Innovation Manager @ finstreet

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