Machine Learning for Ecommerce

Leverage machine learning solutions to make data-driven decisions, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.
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Online sales soared throughout 2020, leading ecommerce businesses to achieve a decade worth of growth in the space of just 90 days.

The unprecedented times offer a great opportunity to become more agile, innovative, and future-proof. To adapt to the "new normal", online retailers have a very powerful tool at their disposal: machine learning. 

The technology provides a wide range of solutions that allow businesses to create a nimble and efficient approach to driving growth. 

In the ebook, you will find plenty of use cases of machine learning in ecommerce to help you improve your platform on many levels. 

You will learn how to:

  • optimize prices to maximize revenue,
  • increase the conversion rate,
  • lower the bounce rate,
  • increase average time on page,
  • improve the customer experience, 
  • attract new users with killer features,
  • keep your position on the market in volatile times.

Packed with practical information on how machine learning can transform your online store, the ebook is an indispensable resource for any ecommerce manager. 

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