Evalueserve IPR&D Names 2020 “Best Year Ever for Product Innovation” by Outsourcing Their IP Intelligence Platform

Case study
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Read the full story of how we helped Evalueserve build their product.

The client

Evalueserve supports high-stakes business decision-making through Insightloupe—a software platform for data analysts that facilitates the difficult process of researching patent information.

The challenge

Presenting large amounts of highly accurate and complex patent data to the end users simply, easily, and quickly to help them make the right business choices.

The solution

Rewriting the app’s frontend to React, completely redesigning the UX/UI, and implementing best Scrum practices to the workflow.

The impact

A large number of new features and high speed of development gave the client a strong growth foundation and steady revenue stream, with UX/UI redesign highlighted as the core business benefit.

What you’ll find inside:

  • how we executed a pivot very early in the project to meet Evalueserve’s needs;
  • how we approached redesigning the UX/UI of Evalueserve’s product;
  • how we helped Evalueserve introduce more rigorous, productive Scrum practices;
  • details about the tech stack of this project;
  • lots of positive feedback from the client that we were extremely happy to hear!

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