Introduction to Python for Tech Managers

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Written with tech managers in mind, the ebook familiarizes you with all the fundamentals of Python.

When deciding on a programming language for software development there’s a lot to consider: performance; maintenance; scalability; and more.

This ebook explains why Python is the right choice for your tech stack.

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Introduction to Python for Tech Managers tells you:

  • why you should choose Python as your programming language
  • what the most common Python web frameworks are
  • what the most popular Python libraries are

There are many reasons that Python remains the most popular programming language.

It’s clear why Python is so well-liked among developers when you understand that it’s:

  • fast
  • scalable
  • versatile
  • ever-growing
  • widely supported
  • easy to write
  • intuitive to read
  • quick to develop
  • simple to maintain

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why Python is used by everyone from startups to internet giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

To learn more about the advantages of Python—and find out why it might be the perfect fit for your project—download Introduction to Python for Tech Managers today.

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