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Tech Radar Roundtable: What’s in store for the tech industry?

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Interviews and webinars

19 APRIL 2023
Tech Radar Roundtable: What’s in store for the tech industry?
Marcin Zabawa | Krzysztof Sopyła | Jan Pleszyński
30 MARCH 2023
Leading Teams in the AI Space: Navigating Uncertainty and Embracing Agility
Stefanie Lauria
Design Lead & Strategist of AI on Z at IBM
27 FEBRUARY 2023
Passing the Torch: Lessons from 30+ Tech Leaders
Jakub Grajcar photo
Jakub Grajcar
Creator of Tech Leaders Hub
23 FEBRUARY 2023
Tech leaders vs. uncertainty, recession, and AI [Roundtable]
Alvaro Moya | Andrew Beacock | Itai Rosenblatt
26 JANUARY 2023
How to balance independence and control within your organization
Adrián Moreno Peña circle
Adrián Moreno Peña
Director of Engineering at SumUp
sumup logo
24 JANUARY 2023
How to migrate enterprise systems and keep your R&D culture alive
Tsika Naveh circle
Tsvika Naveh
VP of Platform Engineering & Product at WalkMe
walkme logo
17 JANUARY 2023
The cybersecurity challenges of data gravity centers
Avi Chesla circle
Avi Chesla
Founder & CEO at Cybersecurity Startup
10 JANUARY 2023
Why you should skip team leads in your engineering org structure
yakov becker circle photo
Yakov Becker
CTO at
investingcom logo
22 NOVEMBER 2022
Web3, blockchain, and the metaverse: should you believe the hype?
Espen Sande Larsen circle
Espen Sande Larsen
Senior Vice President Of Technology Exploration at DNB
Kickstarting AI for startups the easy way
Benjamin Biering photo
Benjamin Biering
Global Head of Machine Learning at Podimo
podimo logo
To build multiple successful startups, build well-balanced teams
Harlan Beverly circle
Harlan Beverly
VP of Engineering at Mercado Labs
mercado logo
The top three challenges faced by high-level tech executives
Jason Noble photo
Jason Noble
CTO at CTO Academy
cto academy logo
Agile and leadership in emergency logistics
Thilo Seliger photo
Thilo Seliger
Director of Engineering Europe at Airspace
Metaverse and Web3: What all tech leaders should know about them
Keren Chavkin photo
Keren Chavkin
CEO and Co-Founder at AIME
aime logo
18 AUGUST 2022
Hybrid work, the modern workforce, and beyond
Ender Yuksel photo
Ender Yüksel
Director, Development Manager at SimCorp
SimCorp logo
17 AUGUST 2022
Building better teams through peer leadership
Anders Kring photo
Anders Kring
Head Of Technology, Banking Operations at Lunar
lunar logo
16 AUGUST 2022
How to change the thinking of an entire engineering organization
Soren Bjornbo photo
Søren Bjørnbo Engel
Head of Engineering at Linkfire
linkfire logo
11 AUGUST 2022
How to pay off systems debt in your organization
Alishah Novin picture
Alishah Novin
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Microsoft logo
The love/hate relationship between fintechs and banks
Meital Raviv photo
Meital Raviv
D. CEO at Wallter
logo wallter
07 JULY 2022
Advice for first-line managers
Itai Rosenblatt photo
Itai Rosenblatt
Engineering Manager at Google
Google logo
08 JUNE 2022
Product management culture: building a team where everyone is a product owner
Ron Zionpour
Ron Zionpour
R&D Group Lead at
07 JUNE 2022
STX Next Mexico: How to make a software company go global
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Managing Director Latam at STX Next
STX Next logo
The unseen complexity of building a fintech business
Ron Shteinberg circle
Ron Shetinberg
CTO at Bounce
06 APRIL 2022
The magic formula of growing in all directions at once
Daniel Gebler picture
Daniel Gebler
CTO at Picnic
31 MARCH 2022
What CTOs need to know about product strategy
Jarek Feith
Jarek Feith
Senior Product Consultant at STX Next
15 MARCH 2022
Your first 100 days as a CTO
Aviv Ben-Yosef
Aviv Ben-Yosef
Aviv Ben-Yosef Consulting
14 MARCH 2022
How to get in the room and create company-wide impact as CTO
Matt Greenberg
Matt Greenberg
CTO at Reforge
Reforge logo
10 MARCH 2022
Why you need your own philosophy of software development
Chris Thacker
Director of Engineering at PHMG
The value of building a great developer experience
Skyler Nesheim
Skyler Nesheim
SVP of Technology at Dwolla
17 FEBRUARY 2022
Beyond onboarding: why leaders should focus on the employee lifecycle in 2022
dave marsland portrait
Dave Marsland
CTO at Finematter
15 FEBRUARY 2022
Writing better software with observability, on-call devs and rapid delivery
Charity Majors
CTO at logo
27 JANUARY 2022
What leaders get wrong about quality assurance
Leigh Rathbone
Head of Quality Assurance at Gear4Music
gear4music logo
You’re focusing on the wrong things when hiring
Chris Hares
CTO at Yoello
Yoello logo transparent
The future of fintech security
Joshua Bower-Saul profile picture
Joshua Bower-Saul
CEO of Cybertonica
Cybertonica logo
23 NOVEMBER 2021
Don't distract your developers with meetings
Scott Priddy profile picture
Scott Priddy
CTO at U-Pledge
U Pledge logo
Fluent communication in moments of crisis
Junior Godoi
Software Engineering Manager at Scurri
Scurri logo
Building a fintech product worthy of your data
Andrew Beacock profile picture
Andrew Beacock
Head of Engineering at Canopy
Canopy logo
29 JULY 2021
Using software engineering principles to create joyful teamwork
Adam Craven profile picture circle
Adam Craven
CTO, creator of
Principles dev logo
Don't promote your best coders to managers
Hazel Olivier profile picture circle
Hazel Olivier
CTO at Nimbla
Nimbla logo
29 JUNE 2021
How to manage a large team at a hypergrowth company
Evgeny Sharpyin profile picture circle
Evgeny Sharypin
Software Development Manager at Sendcloud
Sendcloud logo
18 MAY 2021
From "hands-on" to leading leaders: scaling tech teams as CTO
Alvaro Moya profile picture
Alvaro Moya
CTO, Founder of
Lidr logo
Fintech cybersecurity: the pitfalls that could end your business
Aleksander Czarnowski profile picture
Aleksander Czarnowski
CEO at Defenselayers and AVETINS
Defenselayers logo
Defining a new track of technical leadership
Stuart Kelly photo
Stuart Kelly
Staff Engineer at Zego
Zego logo
11 MARCH 2021
Leading developers from “Jira ticket machine” to “100x engineer”
Zef Hemel photo
Zef Hemel
Engineering Lead at MatterMost,
fmr. Director of Engineering at OLX Group
Mattermost logo
11 FEBRUARY 2021
Managing machine learning projects II: from “model ready” to a mature...
Łukasz Grzybowski photo
Łukasz Grzybowski
Head of Machine Learning
& Data Engineering at STX Next
STX Next logo
Ellipse 3
Willy Picard
Head of Machine Learning at Egnyte
logo 1
10 DECEMBER 2020
You can talk to your radio ads now
Wojciech Lichota photo
Wojciech Lichota
CTO at AdTonos
AdTonos logo
26 NOVEMBER 2020
Managing machine learning projects I: what they didn’t tell you about...
Łukasz Grzybowski photo
Łukasz Grzybowski
Head of Machine Learning
& Data Engineering at STX Next
STX Next logo
Willy Picard photo
Willy Picard
Head of Machine Learning at Egnyte
Egnyte logo
22 JULY 2020
Software development contract standards
Michał Jackowski photo
Michał Jackowski
IT lawyer, professor of law, Co-Owner at DSK Legal
DSK Legal logo
Paweł Dudko photo
Paweł Dudko
Contract Management Specialist at STX Next
STX Next logo
10 NOVEMBER 2020
Negotiation for technical managers II: Never ask why during a negotiation
Matthew Harris photo
Matthew Harris
VP of Sales
STX Next logo
Jakub Grajcar photo
Jakub Grajcar
Marketing Manager
STX Next logo
02 OCTOBER 2020
Don’t screw up your product analytics
Paul Jurdeczka photo
Paul Jurdeczka
Product Strategy Consultant
STX Next logo
Daniel Kościelski photo
Daniel Kościelski
Marketing Manager
STX Next logo
Negotiation for technical managers
Matthew Harris photo
Matthew Harris
VP of Sales
STX Next logo
Jakub Grajcar photo
Jakub Grajcar
Marketing Manager
STX Next logo
The KPI (r)evolution
Łukasz Koczwara photo
Łukasz Koczwara
VP of Engineering
STX Next logo
20 AUGUST 2020
Problems with Scrum in large organizations
Łukasz Nowak photo
Łukasz Nowak
Service Delivery Manager
STX Next logo
11 AUGUST 2020
Software development processes
Marcin Zabawa photo
Marcin Zabawa
Director of Core Services
STX Next logo

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