Tech Leaders Hub #12: Fluent communication in moments of crisis

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

That’s the approach that Junior Godoi’s team at Scurri has chosen, and it’s leading them to create unique processes to prepare for any possible outages of their software.

In Junior’s own words:

“99.99% of uptime with a system designed with failover in mind should not make you think that outages will not happen—they will. It’s how quickly you’ll recover when outages happen that will set you apart from the competition.”

Junior Godoi, Software Engineering Manager at Scurri, joined Tech Leaders Hub as our guest to discuss this and much more, sharing his tech leadership experience.

Topics we covered: 

  • How to train your team for quick recovery
  • The automations Junior’s team introduced to help developers take back their time
  • How DevOps as a culture is helping Junior’s team succeed
  • How to manage people when you’re “not one of them”
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Our speaker

Junior Godoi profile picture

Junior Godoi

Software Engineering Manager at Scurri

Frontend Developer at Net Affinity
Senior Frontend Developer at Mundo Ideal Technologia

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