Tech Leaders Hub #29: Metaverse and Web3: What all tech leaders should know about them

Question: What is something that JPMorgan, McDonald’s and Snoop Dogg are all investing in?

Answer: The metaverse! 🥽🕹📹

In our latest Tech Leaders Hub session we’re diving deep into the cutting edge of tech and business. Our guest took us on a journey through the landscape of metaverse and Web3, and explained why it’s high time to become aware of what’s coming in the industry—and what’s already here.

Our guide was Keren Chavkin Lior, CEO at AIME, a startup building an AI tool for the metaverse.

Keren brings in a whopping 17 years experience from HSBC—where she was Head of Enterprise Architecture and headed up the Innovation Lab of HSBC Europe, among others—as well as 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

We had a lot to discuss with Keren! Including:

– What the metaverse and Web3 are, exactly

– Why companies like Nvidia, Apple, and Meta are making big investments in the metaverse

– Why you should pay close attention to the metaverse and Web3 even if you’re not planning to actively invest in them

– The opportunities the metaverse presents to business leaders

– How AI can help solve the challenges of the metaverse

– How crypto plays into the metaverse

– How analytics work in the metaverse

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Our speaker


Keren Chavkin

CEO and Co-Founder at AIME

Co-Chief Executive Officer at PAI-TECH
Head of Enterprise Architecture at HSBC





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