Tech Leaders Hub #42:
Tech Radar Roundtable:
What’s in store for the tech industry?

Why have one guest when you can have three?

Watch this episode of Tech Leaders Hub featuring industry experts Jan Pleszyński, Krzysztof Sopyła, and Marcin Zabawa. In this session, we delved into the latest trends and insights in the tech landscape, exploring the future of software development, emerging trends, and how tech leadership can stay ahead of the curve.

Our guests, a solution architect, an AI & ML expert, and a director of core services, shared their perspectives on balancing innovation with practicality. Specifically, we discussed the Python Tech Radar, its purpose, and any updates or changes since its release.

We also explored the future of Python and its potential in the AI field, as well as the importance of understanding machine learning and algorithms in the Python ecosystem.

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Our speakers


Marcin Zabawa

Director of Delivery EMEA at STX Next

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Krzysztof Sopyła

Head of Machine Learning at STX Next
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Jan Pleszyński

Solutions Architect at STX Next

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