Tech Leaders Hub Fintech #6: You're focusing on the wrong things when hiring

“There’s a strong focus on “ticking boxes” when hiring staff currently.

LinkedIn encourages that style of recruitment. And you might be missing talent because of it.” – Chris Hares, CTO at Yoello

It’s the beginning of a new year and if you’re anything like us, hiring and growing your capacity are probably top of mind right now.

If you want to find great talent before the competition grabs it from the market, we’ve got a Tech Leaders Hub session that will help you succeed.

Our guest is Chris Hares, CTO of Yoello, a UK fintech company that is disrupting the payments market through leading mobile ordering and open banking technology. Following a successful 2021 which included 10 award wins for the company, and international growth that saw the platform land in 7 countries, Yoello are continuing their mission to support the hospitality space with cheaper, faster transactions whilst improving the ordering experience for customers.

In a way, they’re also putting the “let me grab another round” concept to rest.

But you’ll have to tune in to our session to find out more about that, and to hear Chris’ best hiring advice and much more.

We covered:

  • How keyword-based hiring is limiting your talent pool
  • The specific challenges of being a fintech CTO, and how to overcome them
  • The three areas you need to be good at as a CTO
  • Why companies should be more agile about being agile
  • How Chris uses data for better hiring and greater team velocity
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Our speaker

chris-hares (2)

Chris Hares

CTO at Yoello

VP of Engineering at Upland Software
CTO at Travelopo





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