STX Next Recognized as One of the Top Developers in Poland for 2017

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Top Developers in Poland for 2017
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STX Next was just recognized as one of the Top Developers in Poland for 2017 in an independent classification by

Numerous quantitative and qualitative factors were taken into account before publishing this annual update. Clutch analysts gathered evidence of significant industry experience, evaluated related corporate digital properties, and conducted in-depth interviews with current and past clients.

These efforts produce a snapshot of business performance in real-time, helping buyers better understand vendor capabilities and limitations in a dynamic marketplace.

“That Poland has some of the most talented developers and technologists in Eastern Europe is not all that surprising. More surprising is how rapidly companies in the region are advancing in terms of cultural alignment with a Western clientele.”

Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch

Highlighting the best web and software developers is an ongoing effort by Clutch, and the company encourages any firms with a demonstrated history of superior customer service to apply for inclusion in future research.

The fifteen companies that were confirmed proven and market leaders:

Eleks, Merixstudio, SoftwareMill, N-iX, 10Clouds, STX Next, Monterail, XSolve, MLSDev, Netguru, SoftServe, Droptica, Sunscrapers, Railsware, and Sigma Software.STXNext Market leaders


About Clutch

Clutch is a B2B research firm in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. It connects you with the agencies and software solutions that can help you enhance your business and meet your goals. Their methodology maps agencies and software solutions based on consumer reviews, the type of services offered, and quality of work.

About STX Next

Employing over 150 developers, we are the largest Python and Agile software house in Europe. Over the past 12 years, we have delivered more than 200 projects for leading brands in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, helping our clients with their web and mobile development.

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