The Global CTO Survey 2020 Report

A detailed look into how CTOs are tackling the strangest year of the century
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Find out what CTOs are doing and what challenges are on their minds

Answers from over 250 CTOs about their tech choices, management tactics, and current challenges

Life in 2020 is more digital than ever, and technology leaders are racing to gain a competitive edge. At the heart of this race is the CTO, tasked with building the right teams and making the right decisions to make their company come out on top.

But you can’t succeed faster than the competition if you’re not sure if you’re going in the right direction. Every week is filled with decisions that could lead to long-term consequences. For each decision, a CTO would be right to ask: “are others in my position doing the same?”

If you want to stop flying blind and discover what other CTOs are doing, we have the answer.

(And if you’re simply curious about what keeps CTOs up at night, we have intel you’ll surely appreciate.)

Over 50 pages of insights about CTO challenges

  • 50 questions in the survey covering everything from tech stack choices to hiring practices and job satisfaction
  • 45 minutes average time to fill out the survey
  • Responses from all over the world, from Europe through North America to Oceania

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A sneak peek into the survey


Download the full report to get answers to questions like:

  • What are CTOs’ most effective hiring tactics?
  • How many different programming languages do CTOs’ teams use within a single organization?
  • Which areas of their work are CTOs most unhappy with?
  • What challenges are CTOs bracing for in 2021 and beyond?


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