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A list of top UK companies with Python in the tech stack. Learn how various British industries use Python—and maybe get inspired for your next job change?
Building a software product and thinking about outsourcing? You need a project handover checklist. Visit our site to download a checklist in PDF for free!

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A short guide for managers in large organizations—problems with Scrum, and actionable solutions to avoid them.
What are JavaScript web frameworks, how do they help, and how to choose them? Gain a fundamental understanding of JS frameworks and make better decisions.
Read this guide to find out when to implement processes in a tech company, how they can help you, and how to make sure they don’t block your team.

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What are the best product analytics tools? Read our article to find out! Develop your analytics strategy step by step and pick the right tools for the job.
Prepare to review your next development contract with a software vendor by learning about liability, open source licenses, and the agile exit.