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What good is 15 years of software development experience if you don’t share it with others? On our blog, you will find helpful articles on a wide range of topics, from Python and React Native to DevOps and Product Design.

What are some of the most common mistakes made by founders when building an MVP? Visit our site and find out how to avoid them with our guide.
What are software product discovery workshops? Why take part in them? What are the benefits? Learn the best practices, ask the right questions, and start your product discovery process the right way.

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What are the differences between Angular and React? Which one is better for your frontend development? Find out the pros and cons of each with our guide.
What is client onboarding? How can you prepare for it? What can you expect as a client? Visit our site to find out.
What is remote usability testing? What are the most popular tools and techniques? Read our guide and learn how to run a successful remote usability test.

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What is UX design? Who is a UX designer? What does a UX designer do? These are only some of the 9 questions our Head of Product Design answers in this Q&A.
Learn what UX analytics is, why it's important and how you can use it to transform your product design and make optimal development decisions.