Déjà Vu: STX Next Featured as a Clutch 1000 Company… Again!

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As the end of the year approaches, Clutch once again published their Clutch 1000 Global ranking.

Just like last year, we’re proud to be ranked in that category, which includes the top 1% of agencies on Clutch.

Read on to learn how we got the award and what our Director of Business Development has to say about it.

Executive summary

That’s the CliffsNotes version, but if you want details, read below.

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Top web developer on Clutch 1000

STX Next is Europe’s largest Python developer. We develop the code so you can bring your vision to life.

It’s crucial to understand what language your software should be coded in—that’s where we come in. We bring our expertise to help you create the perfect software for you. 

We’re very glad to announce that we’ve been recognized as a top web developer on the Clutch 1000 company list again! Clutch, a B2B resource, allows businesses to look through the services of different service providers. Clutch ranks the service providers by industry data, market trends, client feedback, and past project performance.

We are one of just 15 companies from Poland to be featured on this exclusive list. Fun fact: Clutch 1000 only features the top 1% of the companies listed on Clutch and we happen to be one of them!


The announcement doesn’t end there. We’ve also been featured on Clutch’s sister site the Manifest and Visual Objects.

The Manifest is a business know-how resource that helps companies increase visibility with featured lists, while Visual Objects is a portfolio showcase resource that has featured a leading service provider in almost every category imaginable. We’ve been featured as a top web developer by both resources!

We’re so glad to have received this award 2 years in a row. The recognition not only makes us work harder, but also helps validate our work.

We asked our Director of Business Development to give us his take on the big news. Here’s what he had to say:

“This year’s inclusion among the global Clutch 1000 is especially important to us, since we recently expanded our operations to the Netherlands. With our new international presence, we can help clients worldwide better than ever.”

— Matthew Harris, Director of Business Development @ STX Next

(Read more about our expansion to the Netherlands here.)

Speed up your project with the #1 Python/Django Developer on Clutch

Interested in working together? Contact us and we’ll set up a consultation and develop your dream software!

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