STX Next Named a Top Financial Services Software Developer by Clutch

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Top Financial Services Software Developer by Clutch
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Table of Contents
  • How we became a Top Financial Services Software Developer
  • About Clutch
  • Additional recognition on The Manifest and Visual Objects
  • Final thoughts

It’s time to talk about our latest Clutch award!

The 30-second summary:

  • ranks the best B2B services providers based on verified client reviews, calling each client themselves to get their impressions;
  • they just named STX Next a Top Financial Services Software Developer of 2019, which probably has something to do with our great fintech projects portfolio;
  • we’ve received this type of award manymanymanymany times in the past in various categories—but we’re always happy to get another one!

That’s the gist. Read on for the full press release. (Does it read like a press release? Yes, it does.)#1 Python & Django Developer and Global Leader

How we became a Top Financial Services Software Developer

Our team of over 300 tech and business experts at STX Next understands that great software begins before the first line of code is written.

We may be Europe’s largest Python software house, but we offer a breadth of services to serve all of our clients’ needs. For our long-term technology partners from across the globe, we’ve managed full-stack, mobile, React Native, machine learning, product discovery projects—and more.

To ensure seamless collaboration for our clients, our diverse team includes product designers, manual and automated QA testers, development operations engineers, and business communication experts to guarantee that our clients receive the most optimal services for their projects.

STX Next delivers services that are not only diverse, but also provide value to our clients. The ratings and reviews firm Clutch based in Washington, D.C. named STX Next a leading financial services software developer! We appreciate the recognition:

“It’s a pleasure that we continue to be recognized by Clutch and our clients as the top service provider of Python development services. We are also proud to gain increasing recognition as a leader within a growing portfolio of service lines including frontend development, mobile development, product design, machine learning, and DevOps.”

Matthew Harris, Director of Business Development @ STX Next

About Clutch

Clutch honors leading development firms and other B2B service providers annually. The data-driven business resource employs an extensive research methodology to determine top companies.

The Clutch team assess a company’s market presence, project history, and quality of services, which is informed by verified client reviews.


Additional recognition on The Manifest and Visual Objects

The STX Next team’s ability to deliver successful products for our clients has also led to our recognition on The Manifest, a B2B buying guide. Clutch’s sister platform features STX Next as a top custom software development company in Poland. Visual Objects ranks STX Next among the best software developers.

Final thoughts

We’re grateful to our clients for providing their valuable feedback to Clutch. As a result, the team at STX Next continues to be recognized for the diverse and high-quality services we provide.

No matter the stage or scope of your project, STX Next can help with your code. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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