How LUMICKS Validated and Built a Platform to Help Researchers Analyze Diseases at the Single-Molecule Level

Case study
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The closer you zoom in, the more you can do for human health.

LUMICKS arms life science researchers and drug development professionals with Nobel Prize-winning technology to uncover how single-molecule and single-cell level processes work.

As a result, researchers can improve human health and answer life science questions that people couldn’t answer before.

This is the story of how we helped LUMICKS build Harbor, a platform created specifically for researchers which enables them to make experiments easier, more reproducible and faster than ever before—through the power of Python.

What you'll find inside:

  • how LUMICKS defined their MVP, built a cohesive vision of it and uncovered the required tech stack for it through discovery workshops with STX Next;
  • how LUMICKS arrived at a look and feel for Harbor with the help of our Product Design team;
  • how LUMICKS managed to showcase Harbor at a science fair merely one month after the project began using two special types of assets from our team;
  • details about the process of how we designed and developed the MVP for LUMICKS;
  • over 6000 words of juicy details about the project (yes, you read that right!).

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