STX Next elected as Poland’s Best Exporting Company in International Champion competition

Poznań, December 8, 2022

Polish companies are transforming into global entities, competing effectively on foreign markets and building the Polish brand on the international arena. The annual Polish Company - International Champion competition was established to promote the activity of Polish companies in global markets, and STX Next was recently elected as the grand prize winner of the Exporter category, among small and medium-sized enterprises. The company's success is a great honor and recognition of their hard work and dedication to the development of the Polish brand on the international stage.


The Polish Company - International Champion competition

The Polish Company - International Champion competition is a prestigious award that promotes the activity of Polish companies in global markets. Every year, the competition looks for companies that boldly go out into the global market, take the risk of investment, create innovative products and services - both those that have been operating in the international environment for a long time and debutants.

The competition is open to all Polish companies that fill out one of two forms - for investor or exporter. Entries are evaluated in separate areas and categories in terms of their importance for the development of the company, foreign expansion strategy and promotion of the Polish brand. The winners are indicated by the Chapter and will join the group of experts invited to participate in "Puls Biznesu" debates and conferences.

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Blazej Suszynski representing STX Next at the awards gala [photo: Puls Biznesu]

For the Exporter category, STX Next was the grand prize winner. The CEO of STX Next, Maciej Dziergwa, spoke about the success, “This is the crowning achievement of 2022 for our company. Polska Firma - Międzynarodowy Czempion, hosted by Puls Biznesu and PwC rewards the country’s most dynamic companies conquering international markets. It is a great honor to be included in such a distinguished group that contributes to the development of the Polish brand on the international stage. Special thanks are due to the entire STX Next team, without whose efforts and hard work this award would not exist”.


Why STX Next?

The company was chosen as the grand prize winner of the Exporter category - small and medium-sized enterprises, because of their impressive achievements in terms of dynamism, sales, financial results, market share and their efforts to promote the quality of the Polish brand on foreign markets.

STX Next had a clear vision for their international expansion strategy, and implemented it diligently. As a result, they have seen significant growth and success in their export activities, making them the ideal candidate for the award.

The company has also taken great strides in the promotion of the Polish brand on foreign markets. Through their efforts, they have managed to create a positive image of Poland as a reliable and innovative partner in the international business arena.


Benefits of the Award

The award is not just a recognition of the company's achievements, but also an opportunity to further strengthen the company's brand. The winners will be described in "Puls Biznesu" in a supplement summarizing the Competition, and will also join the group of experts invited to participate in "Puls Biznesu" debates and conferences. The winners will also be able to use the title Polish Company International Champion in their own communication channels.

The award is an opportunity to get the company's name out there and showcase its success on the international stage. It is a testament to the company's hard work and commitment, and will undoubtedly help in the further development of its business in foreign markets.

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STX Next is the largest software house in Europe specialising in designing and creating digital solutions in the Python programming language. The company has been operating since 2005 and cooperates with over 500 people through eight offices in Poland. STX's clients include leading international corporations, small and medium enterprises and the most innovative start-ups from around the world.

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