Top 11 Python Newsletters

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Top 11 Python Newsletters
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Table of Contents
  • 11 Best Python Newsletters
    • 1. Python Weekly
    • 2. PyCoder’s Weekly
    • 3. Awesome Python Weekly
    • 4. Python Morsels Newsletter
    • 5. PYnative Newsletter
    • 6. Real Python Newsletter
    • 7. Better Developers
    • 8. Powerful Python Newsletter
    • 9. PSF Newsletter
    • 10. Coffee Bytes
    • 11. STX Next Newsletter
  • Final thoughts on top Python newsletters

Python has dominated the rankings for a long time, with rising popularity since 2007, and was named the most popular programming language of 2022.

Because of its simplicity and flexibility, Python is widely used in fields like machine learning, web development, and data science, making it an increasingly popular choice among companies and developers. It has a sizable fan base and is backed by major corporations such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Due to the language’s rising popularity and huge community, it is subject to daily updates. And with so much information being published about it every day, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest news.

That’s why newsletters are so helpful; they relieve you of the burden of sifting through the internet on your own and provide you with hand-picked content and the most important updates in an effortless and simple way.

However, selecting the right newsletter can be as difficult and time-consuming as looking for the information itself. Fortunately, we did the legwork for you. We polled our developers and scoured the web for the best newsletters covering Python to subscribe to. We also looked up newsletters that aren’t entirely devoted to Python but have an extensive and well-written Python section.

Whether you’re a busy developer looking to sharpen your skills, a tech leader curious about what’s going on in the Python community, or simply a Python enthusiast—we found the best email newsletters worth your time.

Here is our list of the top 11 Python newsletters we chose from the many available, so that you can stay up to date with your knowledge of all things Python!



11 Best Python Newsletters

1. Python Weekly

Starting with one of the most frequently recommended newsletters, Python Weekly is an excellent choice whether you’re a developer or a leader of a Python team.

It provides diverse content, including news, tutorials, projects, upcoming events, and even career opportunities. It’s a must for any Python enthusiast’s inbox.

  • Schedule: weekly on Thursdays
  • Type of content: news, articles, tutorials, libraries, talks and upcoming events, projects, job listings
  • Where you can sign up: click here
2. PyCoder’s Weekly

This year marks the tenth anniversary of PyCoder’s Weekly, a newsletter that, in our opinion, has stood the test of time. It covers almost everything you can think of about Python and the surrounding community, and each edition is jam-packed with information.

It’s a newsletter that will serve not only developers but everybody who wants to stay up to date with Python, and we love that it gives a TL;DR for most of the articles it links to, making it an easy read.

  • Schedule: weekly on Fridays
  • Type of content: news, discussions, articles, job listings, projects, upcoming events
  • Where you can sign up: click here
3. Awesome Python Weekly

Another worthwhile newsletter is Awesome Python Weekly. As the name suggests, it’s a weekly roundup of Python-related news, tutorials, and tips.

It may sound similar to other newsletters on this list, but in our experience, it tends to be a bit more news-oriented. It’s an excellent choice if you want to stay up to date on the latest Python events and happenings.

  • Schedule: weekly on Fridays
  • Type of content: news, projects, articles, tips and tricks
  • Where you can sign up: click here
4. Python Morsels Newsletter

This newsletter is a great subscription for programmers who want to improve their skills without delving into lengthy articles.

It delivers quick and easy Python tips and tricks to your inbox every week so that you can fill that weekly learning slot on your calendar.

  • Schedule: weekly on Wednesdays
  • Type of content: Python tips, advice, articles, and updates
  • Where you can sign up: click here
5. PYnative Newsletter

Vishal Hule founded the PYnative Newsletter to connect with other Python developers while also providing them with useful content.

It offers two-way communication as well as your weekly dose of exercises, tutorials, and tips, making it a standout among Python newsletters.

  • Schedule: once/twice a week
  • Type of content: exercises, tips and tricks, tutorials, quizzes
  • Where you can sign up: click here
6. Real Python Newsletter

Real Python Newsletter is a unique entry here as it offers only original content, available solely to its subscribers. It’s issued several times per week, making it one of the more regular newsletters on this list, and it’s one of our personal favorites.

It’s great not only for learning new skills but also for brushing up on existing knowledge and putting new coding advice to the test. We also like that they offer career advice, making it a fantastic option for beginners.

  • Schedule: once/twice a week
  • Type of content: tutorials, tips and tricks, career advice
  • Where you can sign up: click here
7. Better Developers

Better Developers is the newsletter for you if you’re new to Python or want to improve your Python skills. It’s aimed at developers of all skill levels and is one of the more unusual ones, with only one article published each week.

The author, Reuven M. Lerner, covers a new topic every week to help you progress in your Python journey, whether it’s a library, a feature, or a simple tip.

  • Schedule: weekly on Mondays
  • Type of content: articles on techniques and tools, general Python advice
  • Where you can sign up: click here
8. Powerful Python Newsletter

Anyone who has already dabbled in Python and wants to expand their expertise should look into the Powerful Python Newsletter.

It stands out from the other entries on this list since it is delivered every day of the week, giving you access to new learning material more regularly. This is definitely one for developers who are always seeking fresh tips and tricks.

  • Schedule: daily
  • Type of content: news, tips and tricks, techniques, and tools and libraries
  • Where you can sign up: click here
9. PSF Newsletter

This list wouldn’t be complete without the PSF (Python Software Foundation) Newsletter. It’s issued twice a month with all the most important updates and community news, and it’s definitely one of the most reliable sources of information on Python you can find.

Even if you’re not a die-hard Pythonista, we recommend subscribing to this one to keep your finger on the pulse and be aware of what’s happening in the Python world.

  • Schedule: twice a month
  • Type of content: Python news and community updates
  • Where you can sign up: click here
10. Coffee Bytes

This Medium newsletter by Better Programming covers topics like JavaScript and web programming, Python, mobile application development, and general workplace-related difficulties in the IT industry.

Coffee Bytes is a summary of Better Programming’s best material and hand-picked pieces. We love how much variety you get in a single email, and it’s a wonderful place to find some more lighthearted and entertaining content that remains educational.

  • Schedule: depending on preferences
  • Type of content: projects, news, advice, general information and blog entries
  • Where you can sign up: click here
11. STX Next Newsletter

If you’re looking for the best email newsletter to keep you up to date on all things tech, we recommend you also try out our own. After all, at STX Next, we have a lot of experience with Python.

It’s sent out by Lukas Gmys on a bi-monthly basis, and it usually contains a summary of the most relevant and entertaining content from the previous two weeks, along with some of our own articles and Tech Leaders Hub updates.

  • Schedule: twice a month on Thursdays
  • Type of content: leadership advice, workplace articles, engineering stories, Python news, projects, and tools
  • Where you can sign up: click here

Final thoughts on top Python newsletters

There you have it—the best 11 Python newsletters worth your time. Whether you want to learn more about Python as a language or the people and companies behind it, each newsletter delivers its own unique perspective on everything Python. An added bonus is that many of these newsletters provide extra content that doesn’t make it onto the web.

Feel free to sign up for as many as you like, but we recommend no more than five. At that point, it becomes a time management issue rather than a benefit. Just remember that it’s all permission-based email, so you can always unsubscribe from any too-frequent senders.

Thank you for reading this list of our favorite Python email newsletters. We hope you found some that interest you. For more Python-related resources, you can head over here:

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to connect with us. Perhaps we missed one of your favorite newsletters or you’re interested in knowing more about the ones we included? Let us know! We always appreciate your input.

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